DD SIG: CSM 2021 Award Winner: The Effects of Backward Cycling on Posterior Protective Stepping Responses in People with Parkinson Disease with Suzanne O’Neal

In this CSM bonus episode, Rebecca talks to Dr. Suzanne O’Neal about her work using backward cycling as a treatment strategy for people with PD. Suzanne and Rebecca discuss the ins and outs of testing backward stepping, the study’s results, and how to incorporate this treatment approach into your practice. This research was the basis for […]

Balance & Falls SIG: Dr. Debbie Espy Interview – Episode 8

In this episode from the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Balance and Falls Special Interest Group, Dr. Julie Schwertfeger interviews Dr. Debbie Espy, Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences & Center for Human Machine Systems at Cleveland State University, and Chair of the Balance and Fall SIG. We discuss her PT background, early influences and […]

Stroke SIG: Mechanical Thrombectomy – Episode 13

For this episode, host Jackie Loeshelle is joined by Dr. Dileep Yavagal, MD to discuss mechanical thrombectomy as a medical intervention for acute onset ischemic stroke. Dr. Yavagal discusses mechanical thrombectomy and its outcomes to allow us as therapists to better understand how it may impact our patients’ progress in rehabilitation. Please send comments or […]