Balance and Falls SIG: Pupillometry in Balance Research with Melike Kahya – Episode 1

Episode 1 is an interview with Melike Kahya, a graduate student at the University of Kansas who is completing her dissertation. Her research uses pupillometry and the assessment of balance and posture in healthy adults and people with Parkinson’s Disease. Learn more here about the poster Melike presented at CSM 2020. The Balance & Falls […]

Degenerative Diseases SIG: Virtual reality in rehabilitation & updates from the International Neurologic PT Association with Judy Deutsch – Episode 6

In this 4D: Deep Dive into Degenerative Diseases podcast, we interview Judy Deutsch about her research using virtual reality in PT, as well as practical considerations and applications for clinicians with access to all levels of technology. We also talk to Judy about her role as the president of the evolving International Neurological Physical Therapy […]