Degenerative Diseases SIG: Cerebellar ataxia: neurophysiology, assessment and treatment with Amy Bastian – Episode 7

In this 4D: Deep Dive into Degenerative Diseases podcast, host, Parm Padgett geeks out about the cerebellum with Dr. Amy Bastian of the Kennedy Krieger Institute. It is chock full of clinical pearls and bottom lines! You will hear one of our preeminent researchers of the cerebellum discuss how the cerebellum influences movement, neuroplasticity of […]

Balance and Falls SIG: Music Therapy in Balance Rehabilitation with Brian Harris – Episode 2

Episode 2 is an interview with Brian Harris, the CEO and Founder of MedRhythms. He discusses the foundation of music in rehabilitation of balance in neurologic patients and the work of their organization. For more information on music rehabilitation visit MedRhythms  and read the article Thaut, M. H., Rice, R. R., Braun Janzen, T., Hurt-Thaut, […]