Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG: Telehealth in Vestibular Rehabilitation – Episode 39

Host Maureen Clancy PT, DPT, OCS is joined by Sarah Gallagher PT, DPT, NCS and Sara Oxborough PT in a discussion on the use of telehealth in vestibular rehabilitation. They discuss who is appropriate for this treatment and the benefits and challenges associated with treating in this manner. The Vestibular Rehabilitation Special Interest Group is […]

Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG: Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation – Episode 38

Host Maureen Clancy PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT is joined by Rose Marie Rine PT, PhD and Jennifer Braswell Christy PT, PhD in a discussion on pediatric vestibular rehabilitation. They discuss the common disorders children presents with, prevalence of vestibular disorders in children, and the signs and symptoms a child presents with. Additionally the tests […]