Stroke SIG & JNPT Collaboration: Gluteus Maximus Muscle Activation Characteristics During a Chair-Rise in Adults With Chronic Stroke: Episode 20

In this episode, host Jackie Loeshelle, PT, DPT is joined by Michelle Sawtelle, PT, PhD. Dr. Sawtelle currently serves on the Stroke SIG leadership board. This interview discusses why the sit to stand task is an important clinical indicator in the stroke population, the findings of Dr. Sawtelle’s research, and how we can translate findings from this article into clinical practice. The article “Gluteus Maximus Muscle Activation During a Chair-Rise in Adults With Chronic Stroke” is featured in the October 2022 issue of the JNPT. The JNPT is a partner on this episode. The article can be found here:

The information in this podcast is meant for the benefit of physical therapists. It is not meant for personal medical diagnosis and/or treatment. Individuals should always consult an appropriate medical practitioner with questions.

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DD SIG: Degenerative Disease Clinician Locator Map – Bonus Episode 

In this bonus episode of 4D, we talk with Herb Karpatkin, a DD SIG officer who serves on the Nominating Committee, about one of the DD SIG’s newest features, the clinician locator map. Host and DD SIG chair Rebecca Martin talks with Dr. Karpatkin about his recent initiative to improve and simplify access to physical therapists who specialize in degenerative neurologic diseases. Learn more about how to access this resource and how to add your information to our map! The Degenerative Diseases Special Interest Group is part of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy – 

Clinician Locator Map Info Page:

DD SIG: Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2023 Preview – Bonus Episode

In this episode of 4D, hosts Parm Padgett and Ken Vinacco give us the inside scoop on the degenerative disease representation in the 2023 CSM line up. Hear clips/sneak peeks from several of the speakers about their upcoming presentations. With so many must-see talks, you’re going to want to listen in to get a head start on planning your time at CSM! The Degenerative Diseases Special Interest Group is part of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy –

Link to show notes:

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DD SIG Bonus Episode: Resistance Training for Persons with Parkinson Disease with Daniel Corcos – recorded by the PD CPG Knowledge Translation Task Force 

In this bonus episode, physical therapy students, Emily Buggeln and Colleen Noonan interview Daniel Corcos on resistance training for persons with Parkinson Disease. This interview was organized by the knowledge translation task force for the clinical practice guideline for the physical therapist management of people with Parkinson disease. For more resources, check out their webpage at  

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SCI Chats Episode 3: Interview with Robert “Bob” Melia

In this episode we interview Robert “Bob” Melia! Bob sustained a Complete Spinal cord injury at level C6 at age 19. He shares so much valuable insight on his journey from initial injury to leading the happy and successful life he does today. Bob is the Spinal Cord Injury Network Coordinator for Orlando Health , president of the Greater Orlando sci network which is a chapter of the untied spinal cord association, advisory council member for the department of health for brain and sci, and so so much more ! This episode is a must listen!

SCI Chats Episode 2: Interview with Geneva Brier

Tune in for the latest SCI CHATs Episode! Join us for one episode of many where we interview a client living post spinal cord injury! Geneva shares many experiences, stories, and wisdom to improve clinicians’ understanding of patient perspectives while providing insightful tips for those currently sharing her experience of living with a spinal cord injury.

Evidence Elevates: The Master Adaptive Learner: A Conversation with Gail Jensen – Episode 7

Description: In this episode, Lauren Snowden talks to educator Gail Jensen about what it means to be a master adaptive learner and have a strong community of practice. Gail also discusses challenges to education, particularly clinical education and provides us with some ideas to carry forward and think about as we continue to evolve and elevate our practice. Check out this exciting conversation with a visionary leader in the field of physical therapy education!

Balance & Falls SIG: Perturbation-Based Balance Training with J.J. Mowder-Tinney Episode 11

In this episode of the Balance & Falls Special Interest Group Podcast, Host Marissa Lyon speaks with J.J. Mowder-Tinney. Dr. Mowder-Tinney was awarded the Best Poster Presenter at the ANPT Annual Conference in October 2022, with a poster titled “Effectiveness of Implementing a Single Session of Perturbation Training in the Clinical with Chronic Stroke.” Drs. Lyon and Mowder-Tinney discuss the inspiration for this poster, the power of including reactive balance training, and the importance of high-intensity balance training.

To find J.J. Mowder-Tinney:

IG: @jjmowderpt

Impact of Perturbation-Based Balance Training on Functional
Outcomes in a Patient with Chronic Incomplete Spinal Cord
Injury: A Case Report

For more inforation about perturbation-based balance training:

Avril Mansfield, Jennifer S. Wong, Jessica Bryce, Svetlana Knorr, Kara K. Patterson, Does Perturbation-Based Balance Training Prevent Falls? Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trials, Physical Therapy, Volume 95, Issue 5, 1 May 2015, Pages 700–709

Wang Y, Bhatt T, Liu X, et al. Can treadmill-slip perturbation training reduce immediate risk of over-ground-slip induced fall among community-dwelling older adults? Journal of Biomechanics. 2019;84:58-66. 

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