DD SIG: Degenerative Disease Clinician Locator Map – Bonus Episode 

In this bonus episode of 4D, we talk with Herb Karpatkin, a DD SIG officer who serves on the Nominating Committee, about one of the DD SIG’s newest features, the clinician locator map. Host and DD SIG chair Rebecca Martin talks with Dr. Karpatkin about his recent initiative to improve and simplify access to physical therapists who specialize in degenerative neurologic diseases. Learn more about how to access this resource and how to add your information to our map! The Degenerative Diseases Special Interest Group is part of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy –www.neuroPT.org 

Clinician Locator Map Info Page: https://www.neuropt.org/special-interest-groups/degenerative-diseases/ddsig-clinician-locator-map