Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG: Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation – Episode 38

Host Maureen Clancy PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT is joined by Rose Marie Rine PT, PhD and Jennifer Braswell Christy PT, PhD in a discussion on pediatric vestibular rehabilitation. They discuss the common disorders children presents with, prevalence of vestibular disorders in children, and the signs and symptoms a child presents with. Additionally the tests …

Vestibular SIG: Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation – Episode 13

Host Rachel Trommelen, PT, DPT, NCS discusses pediatric vestibular rehabilitation with content expert Jennifer Braswell Christy, PT, PhD. This Podcast includes a discussion of tests/measures, differentiation between adult and pediatric vestibular rehabilitation, and treatment approaches/strategies. The Vestibular Rehabilitation Special Interest Group is part of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy –