DD SIG Episode 43: Gait Training in PD with Mike Lewek and CJ Duppen

In this episode, host Parm Padgett talks with Mike Lewek and CJ Duppen from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about using implicit and explicit motor learning techniques with people with Parkinson Disease. CJ and Mike do a deep dive into their research on the integration of targeted rhythmic auditory cueing to improve step length and gait speed. Additionally, they discuss their current work looking at the effects of cueing on gait initiation, step length and step speed, and weight shifting for better anticipatory postural adjustments, all aimed at positively impacting PD symptom progression and mitigating fall risk. The Degenerative Diseases Special Interest Group is part of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy – www.neuroPT.org

Show notes available here: https://www.neuropt.org/docs/default-source/degenerative-diseases-sig/4d-podcast-show-notes—2019/ddsig-podcast-show-notes-2023/show-notes_episode43.pdf