Stroke SIG: Early Mobilization After Stroke – Episode 5

Heather Hayes, Stroke SIG chair, interviews professor Julie Bernhardt. Professor Berhnardt is a clinician researcher at University of Melbourne. She is a National Health and Medical Research Council established fellow and senior principal florey research fellow at the florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia. Julie has been working with people with stroke for 30 years. She is Head of the Stroke Division at the Florey and leader of the AVERT Early Intervention Research Program. Working in a large multidisciplinary team of researchers, the focus of Julie’s group is the development and testing of new, exercise and rehabilitation interventions that aim to reduce the burden of stroke related disability. Julie is Australia’ leading stroke rehabilitation trialist, recently completing the largest, international trial of early mobility based rehabilitation ever conducted (AVERT) which included over 2000 patients from 5 countries. Listen as Julie discusses findings from her research, applications for clinicians, and here future research direction.
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