Vestibular Rehabilitation for Peripheral Vestibular Hypofunction Clinical Practice Guideline Update: A Discussion with the Authors – Episode 62

Host Diron Cassidy, PT, GCS is joined by Courtney Hall PT, PhD and Wendy Carender, PT, NCS to discuss the recently published update of the clinical practice guideline for vestibular rehabilitation for peripheral vestibular hypofunction. Dr. Hall is a Research Health Scientist at the Mountain Home Hearing and Balance Research Program at the James Quillen VA Medical Center and Professor in the Physical Therapy Program at East Tennessee State University. Ms. Carender is a physical therapist in the Department of Otolaryngology, Michigan Medicine, in the University of Michigan Health System. Both are co-authors of the updated clinical practice guideline, which is published online and will be in the April issue of the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy.

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