Balance & Falls SIG: Perturbation-Based Balance Training with J.J. Mowder-Tinney Episode 11

In this episode of the Balance & Falls Special Interest Group Podcast, Host Marissa Lyon speaks with J.J. Mowder-Tinney. Dr. Mowder-Tinney was awarded the Best Poster Presenter at the ANPT Annual Conference in October 2022, with a poster titled “Effectiveness of Implementing a Single Session of Perturbation Training in the Clinical with Chronic Stroke.” Drs. Lyon and Mowder-Tinney discuss the inspiration for this poster, the power of including reactive balance training, and the importance of high-intensity balance training.

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Impact of Perturbation-Based Balance Training on Functional
Outcomes in a Patient with Chronic Incomplete Spinal Cord
Injury: A Case Report

For more inforation about perturbation-based balance training:

Avril Mansfield, Jennifer S. Wong, Jessica Bryce, Svetlana Knorr, Kara K. Patterson, Does Perturbation-Based Balance Training Prevent Falls? Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trials, Physical Therapy, Volume 95, Issue 5, 1 May 2015, Pages 700–709

Wang Y, Bhatt T, Liu X, et al. Can treadmill-slip perturbation training reduce immediate risk of over-ground-slip induced fall among community-dwelling older adults? Journal of Biomechanics. 2019;84:58-66. 

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