Stroke SIG: “Apples to Apples” High Intensity Gait Training Knowledge Translation – Episode 12

This podcast is the fourth installation in the ANPT Stroke SIG’s podcast series about locomotor training.  In this episode, we talk with Dr. Jenni Moore, Dr. Chris Henderson, Dr. Lauren Lenca, and Dr. Elisabeth Bø and examine their project conducted called FIRST (Focused Intensity Repetitive Step Training). This project implemented the evidence-based, as per the recent locomotor CPG, and laboratory tested intervention of high intensity gait training in inpatient stroke rehabilitation facilities and compared its outcomes with traditional care interventions. At all the sites during this project, high intensity gait training was performed for the majority of the sessions as opposed to the traditional PT approach which involves performing multiple different interventions during sessions.  As researchers are aware of and as clinicians can imagine, there may be unforeseeable circumstances and variability in sessions that may affect the degree to which a research-based protocol can be followed with integrity in a clinic. The aim of this podcast will be to discuss the successes, facilitators, barriers, and challenges that different clinical sites had in implementing this evidence based intervention.

Please see the following link for the clinical prediction rule paper that provides the evidence for the calculator on the Institute of Knowledge Translation’s website:

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