Spinal Cord Injury SIG: Discussion on Neuromodulation with Dr. Monica Perez – Episode 2

In this episode of Discussions in Spinal Cord Injury Science (DiSCIS), Rachel Tappan, PT, DPT interviews Dr. Monica Perez, Scientific Chair of Arms and Hands Lab at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago. The discussion focuses on neuromodulation and Dr. Perez’s work. For further reading, check out: Christiansen L, Perez MA. Targeted-plasticity in the […]

Degenerative Diseases SIG: Bridging the Gap Between Research, Data Collection and the Clinic with Ryan Duncan – Episode 8

On the 4D: Deep Dive into Degenerative Diseases podcast Ryan Duncan talks to first-time host Katy McGraw about his career path from an entry-level PT working as an outcomes assessor to a primary investigator on his own clinical studies. Along the way, he gives great advice on how to use research methodology to improve clinical […]

Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG: Vestibular Function and Testing – Episode 48

Doctor Alaina Bassett, AuD., PhD., CCC-A and Doctor Jessie Patterson, AuD., PhD., CCC-A join host Nikki DiSalvio, PT DPT, MS to discuss the function of the vestibular system and vestibular diagnostic testing. This podcast will review the role of audiologists in vestibular testing and how clinicians can utilize the results from vestibular testing to guide […]

Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG: Causes and Characteristics of Visually Induced Motion Sickness – Episode 47

Host Puneet Dhaliwal, PT, DPT, NCS is joined by Dr. Beharang Keshavarz, PhD in a discussion on the causes and characteristics of Visually Induced Motion Sickness. They discuss how visually induced motion sickness (VIMS) is a sensation very similar to traditional motion sickness, with the difference being that physical movement is usually limited or absent […]

Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG: Implication of vestibular input to the hippocampus on vestibular rehabilitation – Episode 46

Host Puneet Dhaliwal, PT, DPT, NCS is joined by Dr. Paul Smith, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, to discuss the implications of vestibular input to the hippocampus on vestibular rehabilitation. They will discuss how a steady accumulation of evidence suggests that vestibular lesions not just effect oculomotor […]

Stroke SIG: Physical Activity and Exercise After Stroke – Episode 7

Dr. Sandra Billinger, PT, PhD, FAHA Associate Professor at the University of Kansas joins us to talk about physical activity and exercise after stroke. She discusses physical activity levels after stroke, how to encourage patients to be more active, exercise dosage, and exercise testing, including the use of a recumbent stepper to conduct submaximal exercise […]


Spinal Cord Injury SIG: Interview with Andrew Smith about MRI and SCI Prognosis – Episode 1

The Discussions in Spinal Cord Injury Science (DiSCIS) interview with Andrew Smith, PT, DPT, PhD is about his 2018 study, “Lateral Corticospinal Tract Damage Correlates with Motor Output in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury.” Click here for Smith AC, Weber KA, O’Dell DR, Parrish TB, Wasielewski M, Elliott JM. Lateral corticospinal tract damage correlates with motor […]

Stroke SIG: Caregiving After Stroke – Episode 6

Dr. Sarah Blanton PT, DPT, NCS Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine joins us to talk about caregiving after stroke. Listen as Dr. Blanton discusses how caregivers or care partners can be ill-prepared for their role, how to assess caregiver burden and ways we can address the needs of caregivers. […]


Stroke SIG: Early Mobilization After Stroke – Episode 5

Heather Hayes, Stroke SIG chair, interviews professor Julie Bernhardt. Professor Berhnardt is a clinician researcher at University of Melbourne. She is a National Health and Medical Research Council established fellow and senior principal florey research fellow at the florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia. Julie has been working with people with stroke […]


Stroke SIG: Vision Loss After Stroke – Episode 4

This Stoke SIG podcast discusses vision impairments after stroke with Kathleen Digre, MD who specializes in neuro-ophthalmology and Kasey Mitchell an occupational therapist who has specialized training in vision therapy. Listen as they discuss how to evaluate patients with suspected vision impairments, the prognosis for vision impairment post stroke, and treatment options. The Stroke Special […]